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Emergency numbers

  • 17 Agosto, 2022
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European Day of the Single Emergency Number 112

February 11 is the European Day of the Single Emergency Number (NUE) 112, which citizens can use in Europe to ask for help in the event of a health emergency, police forces, firefighters and sea rescue. This day represents a fundamental moment for setting the arrival points of the Service implementation process and consolidating the results already achieved.

The NUE with 15 Single Response Centers (CUR) is currently active in the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio (telephone districts 06 and 0774), Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria, Val d'Aosta and in the provinces autonomous regions of Bolzano and Trento, and serves a total population of over 35 million citizens, equal to 59% of the total Italian population.

The CUR model allows efficient and effective management of the rescue operations by the operations centers responsible for public safety, technical or health interventions. Tested by the sudden increase in calls since the first months of the Covid-19 emergency, it has shown flexibility and stability.

How the single emergency number 112 works

By answering the call, the operator of the single center receives in real time the telephone number and the location of the caller who, in digital format and integrating the information with the type of assistance needed, transfers the call to the second-level operations center in charge intervention (State Police, Carabinieri, Fire Brigade and Health Emergency).


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