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Travel to Italy

  • 17 Agosto, 2022
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Necessary documents

You can enter Italy from all EU and non-EU countries. The conditions and required documentation vary according to the traveller's country of origin.

Citizens of the EU and of countries that have joined the Schengen Treaty

To enter Italy, a valid identity card or passport is sufficient.

Citizens from non EU countries

They can enter Italy with a passport valid for at least three months after the date scheduled for departure from the Schengen Area. Depending on your country of origin, a visa may be required to enter Italy. To find out if you need to request it, go to the website https://www.esteri.it/it/ After entering your nationality, country of residence, length of stay (less or longer than 90 days) and reason for travel, you will receive all the information you need. Remember that when you enter the border, the authorities may ask you to show the documentation justifying the reasons and duration of your stay in Italy. The visa must be requested from the Italian consulates in the country of residence and is generally issued 90 days after the request. If you are staying in a hotel or other accommodation facility, the manager will fill out a declaration of presence for you which he will send to the Police Headquarters. You must always carry a copy of the declaration with you, so that you can show it to the police in case of an inspection. If you enter Italy from a country that is not part of the Schengen area, the uniform Schengen stamp, which is affixed to the passport during border control, replaces the declaration of presence. If you enter Italy transiting through a country in the Schengen Area and you are not staying in an accommodation facility, you must submit the declaration of presence within 8 days of your entry into Italy to the Police Headquarters of the Province in which you are domiciled.

Further information and useful links

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Travel to Italy

17 Agosto, 2022

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